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Angela S.

Roof Retroffitters saved my home! They were professional, on time, and did exactly what they said.

Don D.

Roof Retrofitters added straps to my home when all other companies said they could only do clips! It saved me $3,200 a year.

Jim T.

Paid $1650, saved $2400! I love these guys.
Awesome service, quick and efficient.

Why Do I Need A Retrofit?

To save you money on the high cost of  insurance premiums and strengthen your home. Adding hurricane straps to every truss will increase the uplift to 1000 pounds per square foot and make your home stronger during a high wind situation. Once the job is completed, we will perform a new 1802 Wind Mitigation Form, at no cost to you  We will submit this to your current insurance carrier so you can receive credit and start saving. Most Roof Retrofitter’s customers have received a larger discount the first year than the total retrofit job cost!  Saving money on your insurance year after year and strengthening your home  just makes common sense.

Hurricane Straps & Hurricane Clips

Florida homeowners insurance policies have mitigation discounts for hurricane straps or clips, also known as the roof to wall connection discount. If you are not currently receiving this discount or are not sure, please contact us and we will perform a free evaluation. In order to receive mitigation discounts, a home must have certain features which Roof Retrofitters can add for you.

Roof Retrofitters has helped countless homeowners save money on their homeowners insurance premiums. We know the rules required to get you the mitigation discounts you need.  We have performed over 10 000 new wind mitigation inspections.


Roof Retrofitters is a licensed and insured company.

We only use state certified contractors. Call us at 1- (754) 246-9312

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Roof to Wall Connections

Roof to wall connections such as straps or clips attach the load bearing walls to the roof structure; which provide significant insurance savings in Florida.

Hurricane Straps & Clips

Hurricane Straps and clips facilitate strong joints for the structure of your home and can also help you save on your home owner’s insurance.

Roof Deck Attachment

Roofing material is attached to the roof deck. The better the roof deck is attached to the home the more likely it is to stay on in high winds.

Hurricane Shutters & Installation Services

Hurricane Shutters & Installation Services

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